The Liutanie wiring and connections represent a final destination even for the most demanding of audiophiles. They are designed and built entirely by hand, same as precious jewelry, in compliance with all the parameters that are expected from a prestigious mechanism, built to operate at maximum performance and appearance.

Do not indulge on aesthetics, the last of our qualities: once connected you will realize how the Liutanie connections and wiring reset every parameter of your audio system, restoring it's balance, naturalness and a jaw-dropping, but real, dynamic range.

Individually or in synergy, the Liutanie connections are capable of eliminating any distortion induced by the wiring, canceling hum, hissing, mid-frequency nasality and everything that doesn't exist in real sound, bringing the listener to a direct symbiosis with the artist and the emotions conveyed through his instrument.

The control of the entire spectrum is complete and double-checked, the low range frequencies are compact and granitic, without smudging or fade-outs, always deep, full and never emphasized.

The high and very high frequencies feel as without brakes, fading out naturally in a clean and never annoying way, always remaining bound to the reproduction of the original support, without adding or subtracting anything.

We have taken care of every detail at the highest levels, and for a handicraft production, the construction is almost of military precision. On top of it, the connections' total shielding and ductility, despite the large number of internal reinforcements, are extremely efficient.

No fear of tuning it and running it in then: the canonical 500 hours will do nothing but increase the creation and reproduction of natural harmonics, without changing the neutral native personality of the connections.

Unlike competing products, our entire production has equal properties. Each and every type of connection is at the same level and returns similar listening sensations. The consequential cascade synergy is designed to eliminate all bottlenecks, allowing the source signal to arrive complete and uncut up to the speakers.

Complete reproduction allows the system to process and amplify a huge amount of information compared to before. You will be able to push the volume to levels that used to be impossible, bringing the whole system to more than double, without yielding or listening fatigue.

Starting from the Digital Zero Jitter, capable of unique performances - 0>5 Ghz -, going through to the signal in Solid Core (ductile and malleable) with an enormous bandwidth - 0>40 Ghz -, and to the Power connections, who are able to carry currents greater than 100 A without even flinching are also equipped with an extremely efficient control in the low frequency range, we arrive at the power supply, capable of re-phasing the entire system by itself.

A system of connections designed therefore for maximum performance of the system, as a product of this level must be, which does not simply sound but transports you by retracting the aesthetic aspect to the last of the merits.

For the audition or purchase of Liutanie Audio connections, please contact:

Roberto Borgonzoni

Phone: +39 328 272 31 49


Reinforcement technology and functionality in Liutanie connections