The AMPHORA 4 OHM Loudspeaker is a 4-way floor system with 5 speakers that optimize sound diffusion,
making it powerful and completely distortion-free
The AMPHORA 8 OHM Loudspeaker is a 3-way floor system with 9 speakers,
to guarantee the best efficiency and the lowest distortion

Liutanie Audio produces high end, totally handmade acoustic loudspeaker.
The care for details, the customization and the finishing fully picture the passion and commitment that distinguish our products.

The push-pull, ultra-linear cathode reaction Chorista amplifier, is a class-A, vertical REAL DUAL MONO system
The oval shape, sound protector and curator, is CHORISTA’s design style, reminiscent of the ancient italian name of the diapason. Vibrations and sounds that couldn’t be perceived differently, break the shell to diffuse themselves in the environment with their maximum performance.