The tangent shapes of the AMPHORA loudspeakers, in two 4 and 8 OHM versions, and of the CHORISTA amplifiers, combined with an ultra-rigid cabinet, allow frequency transmission excluding the presence of stationary waves.
The AMPHORA 4 OHM loudspeaker is a 4-way, 5-speakers floor system consisting of one O380 Audiotechnology woofer, three midrange O 170 ATDs and one ribbon tweeter. The Amphora 4 OHM’s power handling is of 900 W r.m.s
The AMPHORA 8 OHM loudspeaker is a 3-way, 9-speakers floor system consisting of four neodymium tweeters, four 130-diameter carbon midranges, and one 380-diameter woofer. The Amphora 8 OHM’s power handling is of 300 W r.m.s
Both versions have a dedicated wiring with the best technologies (MUNDORF, FURUTECH, WTB) in copper, silver and 24k gold.

Dimensions of the AMPHORA loudspeakers:
185 x 60 x 95 cm
Weight (4 and 8 OHM): 130 kg. each
Frequency response: 35 Hz - to the audible
The CHORISTA Real Dual Mono amplifier is equipped with a hybrid technology with 6550/6sn7/MOSFET tubes and with 60W rms of power over 8 OHM.
Bandwidth 20Hz - 40k Hz, +/- 3 dB
The power transformers are made on request, the width of the magnetic laminated sheet is of 0,09 mm.
Dimensions of the CHORISTA amplifier: 105x50x52 cm Weight: 50 kg